Introducing RoyalABC™ Storybooks

Get our RoyalABC™ Storybooks in an interactive app and play the stories with British English audio to your children for only USD$2.99!

Learn with engaging content for only USD$2.99

Why parents love it

Engaging content with game play and lovable characters.

Learn together with your child or let them learn on their own.

Evidence-based curriculum designed by experts from Cambridge and Stanford.

Turn screen time into learning time for only USD$2.99

What parents are saying:

Plus Pingya
Downloaded this app for nephew the other day, he really enjoys his time learning English by playing several mini brain games in this app. There are lovely cartoon characters in the storybook section as well.

Rare Gem of an Ed-app
I’m blown away by the quality of this app. There is a lot of rubbish to shift through in the App Store and once in a while one stands out. My 4 year old loves it!

System Requirements

Minimum system requirements
• iOS 11
• iPad Mini 4 / iPad Air / iPhone 5S
• 2.5GB available space on device

Recommended system requirements
• iOS 11 or above
• iPad Air 2 or above / iPhone 6 or above
• 2.5GB available space on device