Through an intensive research and development process RoyalABC has developed a unique proprietary curriculum. RoyalABC combines the Cambridge British English Curriculum with an Early Years Learning framework resulting in an evidence-based curriculum, specifically designed for young learners. Twelve essential 21st Century skills are embedded throughout our curriculum helping children develop complex 21st Century skills from the very beginning.

English Curriculum

Aligned with the Cambridge English Early Learners and CEFR:

• Pre-A1 Starters
• A1 Movers
• A2 Flyers
• PLUS Phonics

Early Childhood Framework

1. Arts – Perception and Appreciation, Expression and Creation

2. Sciences – Scientific Exploration, Mathematical Learning

3. Social Development – Interpersonal Relationships, Social Adaptability

4. Language – Listening and Speaking, Preparation for Reading and Writing

5. Health – Physical and Mental, Motor Development, Habits for Healthy Living, Self-help Skills

21st Century Skills

These essential twelve 21st Century skills have been proven by leading scientists and researchers around the world to be critical for children’s success in school and in life.

• Growth Mindset
• Collaboration
• Communication
• Critical Thinking
• Creativity
• Grit / Determination
• Problem Solving
• Mindfulness
• Empathy
• Social and Cultural Awareness
• Self Management
• Curiosity

Curriculum Map: Pre-A1 Starters
A1 Movers
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A2 Flyers / A2 Key for Schools
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